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Guadeloupean dishes

Guadeloupe ‘s cuisine is made up of numerous dishes and specialities, with a variety of distinctive flavors…

A few examples of Guadeloupe dishes

Accras: small cod or vegetable fritters
Balaou: Small, elongated fish eaten fried
Bananas: distinguish between cooking vegetables and fruit bananas
Bébélé: tripe, dombrés and green banana dish
Bélangère: Small eggplant
Blaff: a dish of fish or shellfish cooked in spiced water, a kind of court-bouillon.
Blanc mangé coco: Dessert made with coconut, milk and gelatin.
Cabri: Small kid cooked in colombo or boiled in smoke
Calalou: Soup with herbs and bacon
Chatrou: Edible octopus
Chadec: A grapefruit
Chadron : Sea Urchin
Chaudeau: A kind of eggnog with lime, served at the end of mass for solemn Communion.
Chiquetaille: shredded cod served with vinaigrette
Coconut cabbage: The heart of the coconut palm is removed after felling, and is eaten raw.
Chritophine: in the shape of a bumpy, pale yellow pear, this popular vegetable is eaten as a salad or au gratin.
Cirique: Small crab
Civet: Country onion
Colombo: Chicken, cabrit or pork curry
Dombre: Small flour dumpling (accompaniment)
Fangui: Dish made from corn flour
Avocado fierce: Avocado, grilled cod, cassava flour and chilli pepper
Breadfruit: Fruit of the breadfruit tree
Giraumon: West Indian pumpkin used in soup, purée or as a side dish.
Okra: Long, green, pointed vegetable
Yam: Tuber (vegetable); there are about 80 different types: it is one of the staple vegetables of the West Indian diet.
Lambi: This large shellfish could be bland, even disgusting; however, well prepared Creole-style, with a spicy sauce, its fricassee can be excellent: the flesh, with its firm texture, is finer than that of squid.
Lime: Lime.
Maracudja: Passion fruit
Migan: Coarse banana and breadfruit purée.
Ouassou: Large crayfish
Sea urchins: Seafood, of which only the white is eaten in the West Indies.
Clams: Very abundant: fishermen's children pick them out of the sand
Papaya: Large fruit with orange flesh and seeds.
Sweet potato: slightly sweet tuber (vegetable)
Pissiette: Fish as big as half a sardine, served without the backbone.
Pône: Sweet bread made from sweet potatoes, giraumon, sugar, vanilla, raisins, cinnamon, all tossed in butter and baked golden brown.
Schrub: Christmas punch made with white rum, lemon, sugar syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, carpenter's tea and cloves.
Soudon : Clam
Souskai: A dish of grated green fruit macerated in lime, salt and chilli.
Ti-Punch: Drink made with rum, sugar or cane syrup and lime.
Titiris: Crayfish fry caught by local fishermen in the river at certain times of the year, depending on the moon.
Z'habitant: River crayfish in Martinique.