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Scuba diving

The underwater world of Guadeloupe is not to be missed: with or without scuba tanks, swim in warm waters (between 25 and 28°), with a transparency that will reveal grandiose sites with dazzling colors: you don’t have to dive deep to contemplate the corals and ballets of multicolored fish.

Your dive location

- The Côte Sous-le-vent and the îlets Pigeon, also known as the "Cousteau reserve", are world-renowned. The Cousteau Reserve stretches from Pointe MAHAULT to Pointe Lézarde. The "Rocher de Malendure" in the commune of Bouillante is the Mecca of diving in Guadeloupe.
- The Saintes archipelago is a small paradise for experienced divers, with its famous "Sec Paté".
- Marie-Galante offers some absolutely pristine sites.
- The underwater landscape of Port-Saint-Louis is astonishing, with its aquatic arches.
- The Saint-François lagoon is ideal for beginners.

From March to May, humpback whales can be seen near Les Saintes, accompanied by their calves. Sea turtles have been protected for a number of years, and can be seen at various dive sites in Les Saintes. In summer, they come to lay their eggs on the Grande Anse beach in Terre de Haut.

Good to know: for your first dive, choose an approved center with a qualified instructor. This recommendation also applies to most enthusiasts, who are quickly seduced by the real beauty of the Caribbean seabed, but are wary of venturing out without a competent guide.

You'll find an impressive number of diving clubs in Guadeloupe. Be aware that sites differ depending on where you dive.

Diving clubs in Guadeloupe

PPK Plongée
Malendure Beach
97132 Bouillante
Tel. : 05 90 98 82 43

Objective Diving
Rocroy 97119 Vieux Habitants
Tel. : 06 90 65 94 77

Les Heures Saines
Le Rocher de Malendure - Pigeon
97132 Bouillante
Tel. : 05 90 98 86 63

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