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Trekking and hiking in Guadeloupe

300 kilometers of hiking trails and paths, 1,800 hectares of tropical forest in nature reserves, Guadeloupe is a land of rich diversity for walkers: forest, steep hills, sheer cliffs, waterfalls and sandy beaches…

Trekking in Guadeloupe

A wide choice of trails is available to both amateur and professional hikers. A topoguide is on sale in bookshops and will enable you to choose hikes in Basse-Terre, the area where nature is at its most exuberant.

Good to know: leave early in the morning, as night falls quickly. Bring good walking shoes because of the mud, a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water, wide pants because of the sharp grass and a windbreaker.

Ideas for outings :
- on Basse-Terre, la trace des Etangs (between 1h30 and 2h), between Capesterre and Matouba and,
- in the surrounding area, the Carbet Falls sports trail in Capesterre. - Near Goyave, the Moreau Falls trail in Goyave (4 hours),
- the tour of La Soufrière (2.5 hours) or - the famous Victor-Hugues trail for experienced hikers, which crosses Basse-Terre and takes in some of its most beautiful sites.

(see other ideas in Recommended itineraries)

To fully discover the landscape and its flora and fauna, we recommend hiring professional guides.

Trekking and hiking clubs in Guadeloupe

Deep green
Route de la Soufrière Morne Houel
97120 Saint-Claude
Tel. : 05 90 99 34 73

Malendure beach,
97125 Bouillante
Tel. : 05 90 26 95 59

Healthy Hours
Le Rocher de Malendure
97132 Bouillante
Tel. : 05 90 98 86 63

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