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Caribbean gastronomy

The islands’ terroir and gastronomic expertise will delight gourmets who can sample the many exotic flavors of fruit, vegetables, spices, fish and spirits.

A varied gastronomy...

At the crossroads of Caribbean, African, European and Indian cultures, Guadeloupe's cuisine is a worthy reflection of this crossbreeding.

In the markets, you'll find all the products for which the islands are famous: sugar cane, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, rum, spices - take a tour!

Guadeloupe gastronomy
grilled bananas from guadeloupe
When it comes to gastronomy, Guadeloupe relies mainly on its agricultural products, such as poyo (from the banana family, more commonly known as green bananas or ti-nain), breadfruit, okra, cabbage, watercress and seafood.

A typical dish is blaff, where seasoned fish is cooked in a small broth with cives (a type of local onion), parsley, chili pepper, thyme...

Guadeloupean cuisine is often spicy and seasoned by marinating meat or fish for hours before cooking to enhance the flavor.

You can sample a wide range of Guadeloupean dishes in the many restaurants.